To align with the Sept. 15 Pasquotank County voter registration deadline, The Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hosted a National Voter Registration Day, day party to the campus community.

With a partnership between the League of Women Voters of Northeastern North Carolina, voter registration forms were accessible to the more than 100 attendees. Through a $2,000 grant from Nonprofit VOTE, the event offered attendees branded swag and free treats. More than 40 students and employees were registered to vote.

Three weeks later, on Oct. 2, DE&I partnered with the university’s Student Leadership and Engagement officials, ECSU Civic Engagement Ambassadors, The Department of Athletics, and the Sound of Class Marching Band to march to the polls. ECSU Police provided escort assistance from Bias Hall to the Pasquotank Board of Elections on Parkview Drive.

The event was open to the entire community. Staff walked with students, some of whom voted that day, to support their efforts.

“We’re in the business of ensuring that our students graduate and become leaders, both in the community and globally. A part of leading within the communities we serve and live is to be civic minded,” said Tiffany Hinton, Ed.D., ECSU Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer. “That’s where civic engagement work comes in. Events like the march are designed to build awareness around civic duties and responsibilities.”

Because the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was established before many of ECSU’s current students were born, it’s important to have them in the forefront of such an important, current event, Hinton added.

To that end, ECSU Senior Social Work Major, Keosha Arnold, was the event’s civic engagement project coordinator.

“We are a young generation, so it was a great time to participate and get our voices out there to help others understand the importance of voting,” she said.

ECSU students and employees interested in voter registration information should reach out to Chanta Poyner