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Finances should never come between you and your education. We're here to help you find ways to make paying for college easier. We’ll work with you to identify financial aid opportunities that fit your situation, which can help you graduate with less debt as you start your new career. 

Financial aid for qualifying students is available through federal, state and institutional programs. All applicants for federal financial aid must meet the initial student eligibility requirements and complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submit your FAFSA application before the priority deadline for your academic year.

  • All students are encouraged to fill out the FAFSA,
  • The 2024-25 FAFSA form will be available in December 2023.        
  • ECSU’s Federal School Code is 002926.

 For more information about financial aid processing, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

After completing your FAFSA:

Once ECSU has received a copy of your FAFSA, an award offer will be electronically sent to the student. Award letters will also be mailed out to all students as they are completed. The award letter is also available in Banner Self Service.

If you receive an award letter, go to Self-Service Banner to accept, reduce, or decline your federal student loans. Loan funds will not be paid to student accounts unless they are accepted on Banner Self Service. In Banner, students can view their financial aid status at any time. They can also view any outstanding requirements, view their student account summary, and view and pay bills.

Accept the Terms and Conditions

Students must accept the following Terms & Conditions on Self-Service Banner in order to receive your award.

  1. I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which is complete 67% of the classes attempted for each semester, have the required semester GPA & complete my program of study within 150% of the hours needed to graduate (Please review the SAP policy).
  2. I may be awarded only up to my cost of attendance (COA). I am required to report any outside scholarships & loans that I receive & that they may reduce the amount of financial aid that I receive in order that my total award does not excess my COA. I will use all awarded funds only for expenses related to my study. I must return any funds received that I am not eligible for.
  3. If I decide to withdraw from ECSU before the 60% mark of the semester I will not be eligible to receive my full disbursement of federal aid that I was awarded.
  4. I cannot be enrolled in two or more post secondary schools at the same time. Funds are awarded based on financial need & credit hours. I am obligated to report any change in my circumstances.
  5. I do not owe a refund on any grant or loan, am not in default on any loan or have made satisfactory arrangements to repay any defaulted loan, & have not borrowed in excess of the loan limits under Title IV programs at any institution.
  6. I authorize ECSU to defer my tuition, fees, books, room & board charges to my federal, state & institutional aid. I understand that I may rescind this authorization at any time.

I authorize release & exchange of information between ECSU, educational institutions, & educational state agencies, & agree that such information exchanged may include financial, enrollment, academic status, identification, legal residency, & location information necessary to assure proper administration of federal, state & institutional financial aid programs. If I purposely give false or misleading information, I may be fined $20,000, sent to prison, or both.


If other documents are required, we’ll reach out to you via the student portal. Some students will be required to complete the process of verification, which confirms the validity of the FAFSA information.

ECSU utilizes an automated verification solution called ProVerifier+ powered by ProEducation Solutions. ECSU and ProVerifier+ will work directly with the student to complete the verification process and communicate with the students via email and/or text messages. This process must be completed before awards are finalized.

Please contact us if you do not wish to utilize our automated service and we will process your verification within the office.

Where do I send my documents?

Students must login to a secure web portal for information about required verification documents. Documents are completed and uploaded in the student portal. Students should monitor their email for the status on their submitted documents.

What is the deadline to submit document?

It is the student's responsibility to provide requested information as soon as possible so that the verification process can be completed by our June 1st priority date. The school is unable to disburse federal student financial aid until the verification process is complete. Failure to complete the verification process may result in a student not being eligible for federal aid and will need other means to pay for classes. Failure to pay for classes by published deadlines may result in the student being dropped from registered classes.


Most students are eligible for some type of financial aid regardless of family financial circumstances. Basically, to be eligible for aid, students must:
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Renewal FAFSA designating ECSU
    (school code 002926) to receive FAFSA results.
  • Be a United States citizen or an eligible noncitizen.
  • Be admitted to or enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program.
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the ECSU Financial Aid Office.
  • Not owe a refund on a student grant or be in default on a student loan.
  • Be enrolled at least half time, six or more undergraduate credit hours or five or more graduate credit hours.

ECSU has several types of financial aid for students. Students may get a combination of aid to pay for education expenses.


  • Federal grants
  • State Grants
  • Student and Parent Loans
  • Work-study employment
  • Scholarships


Questions? We're here to help.

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A dedicated financial aid advisor is assigned to all students based on the first letter of their last name.

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