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The Honors Program is designed to challenge students with high academic potential at an accelerated rate and to provide them with exposure to a wide variety of in-depth academic, social, cultural and international experiences. Here at Elizabeth City State University, we believe that Honors Program students are: Competent, Confident, and Convincing. This motto is one that epitomizes the fact that Honors Program students have a deep, thorough knowledge-base that comes with natural curiosity, intellect, and vision; they are proud to share, exhibit or display that knowledge-base in any venue-using appropriate written and/or communication skills to present their research, arguments, and daily discussions.

Honors students are "intellectual risk-takers" who are always challenging their minds and seeking new learning opportunities. We are happy that you decided to see what the Honors Program here at Elizabeth City State University is all about, and to examine the activities, advantages, and excitement of being a part of the Program.

  • Small class size
  • Peer and faculty mentor program
  • Honors lecture series and workshops
  • Scholarship, fellowship, and professional development Opportunities
  • Special housing accommodation in a Living, Learning Community (LLC)
  • Earning the Honors Scholars Blazer
  • Leadership development and training activities
  • Study abroad opportunities and participation in conferences
  • “Honors” indicated on both the official academic transcript and the diploma
  • Honors Stole at graduation


Current Freshman Honors Program High School Honors Program Application Transfer Student Honors Program Application
 Current Freshman
Honors Program Application
High School Seniors
Honors Program Application
Transfer Student
Honors Program Application


Faculty Honors Council Student Honors Council
Dr. Dolapo Adedeji, Chair 
Dr. Chandra Asthana
Dr. Nicole Austin
Dr. Mary-Lynn Chambers
Dr. Tina Craddock 
Dr. Kim Downing
Dr. Bijandra Kumar 
Dr. Juanita Midgette-Spence
Dr. Kingsley Nwala 
Dr. Tesfaye Serbessa
Dr. Karen Strother-Jordan 
Ms. Mackenzie Allen
Ms. Kristen Bannerman
Ms. Dayana Garza
Ms. Ashna Mahtani (Chair)
Mr. Darius Satterfield
Ms. Kaiya Thoma-bly 
Ms. Jordan Thornton


Honors Ambassadors at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) serve as active leaders in recruitment and campus events. Through campus tours, special events, conversations online and on the telephone, Ambassadors have unique contact with both current and prospective students and families, alumni, and supporters of the Honors program. Honors Ambassadors provide an informative view of the Honors Program at ECSU, highlight the opportunities and being part of the Honors education in academic and co-curricular settings, and share how the Honors Program has contributed to their college experience.

Meet Our Ambassadors

The ECSU Honors Program is a member in good standing in national, regional, and state Honors associations.

These memberships mean that the ECSU Honors Program students and staff participate in conferences, serve in leadership capacities, and, most importantly, meet the standards set by these organizations for structure, curricula, and activities.



The University Honors Grant is a general scholarship for both new and current students that have been accepted into the Honors Program at ECSU. Recipients will represent the values of the Honors Program by challenging their minds and seeking new learning opportunities. 
Scholars are eligible to receive up to $2,000 annually. The grant cannot exceed your direct cost for college and vary based on your need 
To be considered for admission to the University Honors Program (UHP), submit an Honors Program Application. In addition, the following criteria must be met: 
High School Seniors:  
  • Must have been successfully accepted to ECSU 
  • Submit a 500-word essay explaining why you want to be part of the ECSU Honors Program 
  • Submit a letter of recommendation supporting your application from a teacher/counselor to honor.program@ecsu.edu 
  • Demonstrate potential for making positive contributions to the ECSU community 
 Current Freshmen: 
  • Must have at least a cumulative grade-point average of 3.25 
  • Submit a 500-word essay explaining why you want to be part of the ECSU Honors Program 
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the Office of Students’ Success and Retention or a professor whose course you have successfully completed to honors.program@ecsu.edu 
  • Demonstrate potential for making positive contributions to the ECSU community 
The grant is renewable annually contingent: 
  • Maintain at least a 3.25 GPA every semester 
  • Maintain active participation in all events organized or supported by the University Honors Program 
The Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship was established as a merit scholarship program for incoming freshmen at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) to provide an outstanding educational experience for five students who are exceptional scholars, versatile and well-rounded individuals. Scholarship recipients will represent the core values of the institution through their commitment to excellence, accountability, diversity and the ECSU motto: “To live is to learn.”
Each recipient will be awarded a fully funded four-year scholarship that covers the cost of the following: full tuition, student fees, university housing, meals, and textbooks.
Expectations of Recipients
Scholarships will be renewable contingent upon the following:
  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA annually
  • Enroll full time each semester and earn a minimum 30 credit hours each academic year
  • Maintain membership and active participation in the ECSU Honors Program
  • Maintain membership and active participation in the Chancellor Ambassor Program
Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Strong candidates are intellectually curious and able to articulate their ideas clearly. In evaluating candidates, the selection committee reviews the applicants’ responses to the application questions along with the entire application for freshman admission. To be eligible for the Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:
  • Be a competitive applicant for admission as a freshman in the fall semester into a baccalaureate program at ECSU
  • Be on course to graduate from high school in the spring semester prior to college admission
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a minimum 3.5 or higher unweighted cumulative GPA
  • Show exceptional qualities of character and leadership
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academics, service and be involved in extracurricular activities
  • Enroll as a full-time student
  • Submit a letter of recommendation supporting your application for this scholarship from a teacher, religious leader or supervisor to chancellors.scholarship@ecsu.edu

Note: This scholarship is only available to first-time, incoming freshmen.
Aid Limitations
The total financial aid package – to include all types of aid received – must remain within the cost or financial aid budget as determined by Student Financial Aid. It is therefore important that you notify the Student Financial Aid Office of any scholarship, assistance, or loan funding that does not appear as part of an aid package. By doing so early, students reduce the risk of having aid adjusted mid-year or after funds have been received.

Undergraduate students receiving multiple or large scholarship offers from ECSU should also be aware that, in rare cases, their scholarship awards may be limited. Work closely with awarding offices to understand your scholarship package and terms of individual awards.
The Strada Leadership Scholarship is funded by the Strada Education Network. The scholarship focuses on investing in the next generation of leaders. This scholarship will provide leadership development, academic support and critical social engagement resulting in positive postsecondary opportunities that lead to meaningful career pathways for Strada Scholars. Strada recognizes the importance of HBCUs in providing economic and social mobility to America’s net generation of leaders and undertakes this Initiative to provide institutional ad systemic improvements for the participating institution and the students they serve. 
Recipients Receive: 
  • Scholarships: $7,000 per year (4 years) 
  • Internship: $1,200 per year (4 years) 
  • Leadership Development: $1,200 per year (4 years)  
To be eligible for the Strada’s Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following criteria: 
  • Be a full-time entering Freshman 
  • Have a minimum of 3.25 or higher unweighted cumulative high school GPA 
  • Submit an essay focusing on personal efforts in leadership, academic success and social change 
Recipients of this scholarship expect/agree to: 
  • Participate in leadership development opportunities 
  • Participate in mentoring and career coaching throughout academic tenure 
  • Participate in internships or other work-based learning experiences 
  • Share testimonials and experiences 
  • Be a changemaker who anticipates and engages with University Administration to build creative solutions 
  • All Strada’s Scholars finalists are automatically admitted to the ECSU Honors Program 

Apply for Strada’s Scholarship

2022 - 2023 Inaugural Strada’s Scholar                                        2023 - 2024 Strada’s Scholars                                                                     
Soniya Coston     Major: Social Work                                               Joshua Haskett        Major: Kinesiology
                                                                                                                      Chimorah Young      Major: Biology     
                                                                                                                       Khiya Zahir                Major: Psychology


To learn more about the Honors Program, contact:

Dr. Dolapo Adedeji
Director, University Honors Program
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Science
Room 126 Moore Hall