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Earn your degree on your terms as an online student at ECSU. Our online programs offer the same practical, rigorous education as our on-campus offerings – with a schedule that works for you. Access your learning materials and classes from anywhere—at any time—via our online student portal.

You’ll also enjoy the same supportive, nurturing environment that you would on campus, with dedicated staff and instructors ready to help you succeed. This makes our online programs a great fit for working professionals and those looking to finish their degree.

No matter where you are in your education journey, we can help you grow. Browse the programs below to find the one that suits your career goals:


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Distance Education


Examity is an online proctoring service that gives students the flexibility to take exams remotely while maintaining academic integrity and preventing cheating.


Examity Guides:


Distance Education Students:


Examity Support:

  • Technical support is available 24/7.
  • Phone: 855-392-6489
  • Email: support@examity.com
  • Live Chat: Link located in Examity dashboard.


Additional Examity Resources:

Echo360 provides screencast, lecture capture, live streaming, and student engagement features in one easy-to-use tool integrated with Blackboard.  Echo 360 is installed in specific common-use classrooms around our campus.  For classrooms managed at the college level, instructors must contact the appropriate department to have your lecture captured or streamed.  If you are not sure which classrooms have echo 360 installed, please contact the IT department for assistance and to have installed on a specific computer or laptop.  

A request must be submitted before the first recording session is expected to allow proper time for the IT scheduler to process the request and can be either one-time events or repeating semester events.


ECHO 360 website

ECHO 360 - Universal Capture Overview

Emdedding ECHO 360 Media in a Blackboard Ultra Course

Getting Started with ECHO 360

ECHO 360 Webinar: How to get your class Online quickly with ECHO 360

Getting Instructors Started

Faculty Instructional Videos

ECHO 360 – Student Online Videos

Creating a Zoom Meeting in ECHO 360

Automatically publish Zoom meetings to courses in ECHO 360

Live Streaming process for students and instructors

Resource Page for Adoption and Training

What is Quality Matters?

The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer review process to certify the quality of online courses and online components. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its faculty-centered approach to continuous improvement in online education.  Elizabeth City State University became a member of Quality Matters in January 2015. 

The QM rubrics are research-based tools. The Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric (Sixth Edition) consists of 8 general standards and 42 specific criteria that describe best practices in online and blended course design. The QM process is designed to be continuous, collegial, and collaborative. The rubric and associated annotations are based on best practices that promote student learning and instructional design principles that are part of good design. The rubric is supported by a thorough review of the literature and is updated every three years to reflect new techniques and technologies that have become available.

The course review process involves a review of a course by a team of three trained, certified peer reviewers who are all experienced online faculty. This faculty driven process is intended to be diagnostic with the overall goal of course improvement. It does not involve pass/fail judgments but instead relies on the team members providing specific guidance for the course developer on what might be done to modify the course in order that it will eventually meet standards. There is a clear recognition throughout the process that there are many ways to meet each standard and that no course is perfect. For QM reviewed courses, the goal is to meet an 85% threshold to be certified as a quality course.


The Quality Matters process is designed to ensure that courses undergoing review will eventually meet expectations.


Why QM? Quality Matters Overview Presentation

Professional Development Workshops

 The Quality Matters Program offers the following workshops with no prerequisites to aid anyone interested in enhancing their online course design and online instructional practices.


To schedule a Quality Matters Facilitated Workshop, please register by using the QR Code:

Quality Matters QR code


Quality Matters Certifications


The Quality Matters Program also offers online certifications through rigorous trainings. Please note that Quality Matters online certification courses are time intensive and lead to the acquisition of various roles within the Quality Matters program.

  • Peer Reviewer Course (PRC)
  • Master Reviewer Certification (MRC)
  • Course Review Manager Certification (CRMC)
  • Online Facilitator Certification (OFC)
  • Face-to-Face Facilitator Certification (FFC)
  • IYOC Face-to-Face Facilitator Certification (IFFC)
  • IYOC Online Facilitator Certification (IOFC)
  • Continuing and Professional Education Accelerated Peer Reviewer Course (CPE)
  • K–12 Accelerated Reviewer Course for Higher Ed (K–12 RC ACCELLFY14)

Experience Blackboard Learn Ultra. The new Ultra experience offers a simple yet powerful solution for teaching and learning that saves time and delivers a more connected learning experience.

  • Efficiency – Efficient classrooms, powerful interactions.  Simple tools and streamlined workflows help learners and instructors stay organized, and easily engage with content and each other.
  • Mobility – Any devise, any time.  You’ll get the same modern and intutive experience on any device. 
  • The Best Taking Experience – Students can ake control and decide the best strategy to succeed on assessments.
  • Student self expression accessibility – Foster students self-expression with an inclusive learning environment.  Empower students to express their identity and choose the content formats or devices of their preference.
  • Actionable Data Insight – Access data from your existing technology stack and integrate your LMS seamlessly with tools faculty and students use the most.
  • Deep and Seamless integrations – Institutions need to adapt to meet learners and instrcutors needs while minimizing disruption and ensuring continuity.  That’s why we provide options so you can roll out the Ultra experience at your desired pace. 

Tutorial for Educators: Youtube - Tutorial Videos Playlist


Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

Base Navigation - for Educators

Base Navigation - for Students

Educator Insights: Youtube - Educator Insights Playlist


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