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Student Government Association

Welcome to the Student Government Association

We are a group of undergraduate students who officially represent the student voice and the student body to the Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)  administration.  We work directly with administrators to influence and change campus policy.  We serve as the official governing body of ECSU students.

To quickly assess how students view an issue, administrators often look first to the SGA, and because of this, SGA members often have a seat at the decision making table that other groups may not receive.  We are your representatives.

Our job is to serve  through, governance, advocacy and action for ECSU students.  We believe in student voice and in "Students First!"  If you have a project or idea, please let us know!  Connect with your Class Councils or contact Cabinet members by visiting the tabs to the left.  Additionally you can send us your project ideas or feedback  by connecting with us on Twitter, Instagram or email us at sga@ecsu.edu.

Viking Pride!


Jay'quahn Blackledge
SGA President
Dayana Garza
Vice President of External Affairs
D'anje Walker
Vice President of Internal Affairs
Tonea Williams
Vice President of Finance
Noel Herron
Corresponding Secretary
Kayla Dixon
Recording Secretary
Lauren Twine
Attorney General


The legislative branch is made up of the Senate, which is comprised of 12 Senators, Speaker of the House (Vice President of Internal Affairs), and Speaker Pro Temp.  The 12 senators represent the student body at ECSU by class year.  

The Speaker of the House  is responsible for leading the Senate.  This position is filled by the Vice President of Internal Affairs. The Speaker then appoints the Speaker Pro Temp and Chairs for Senate Committee.  

Senators are appointed to a standing committee that is responsible for representing the student body concerns as requested or deemed necessary by Student Government Association President.  Students should contact their Senators with any concerns or suggestions they may have.  Any student interested in affecting change on campus should consider running for Senate.  

For the past century, Elizabeth City State University has been the flaming fire that has molded student leaders into influential local, state, national and international political servants.  In the spirit of our rich heritage, we continue our search for informed and effective student leadership. Your interest in serving as a student officer is a tangible manifestation of your concern for the continued prosperity of our association.  As we move toward greatness, we must uphold our compact by recruiting students who represent the sheer essence of Viking Pride.

The purpose of elections is to provide a fair and open process by which students elect student representatives to the Student Government Association. The Campaign Guidelines are  intended to promote this purpose by enforcing candidates, campaign workers, elections officials and voters to adhere to the guidelines that protect all parties from a neutral perspective; and seeks to avoid creating an excessively competitive and contentious environment, which might threaten the academic and social welfare of Elizabeth City State University community.